Marketeer, Musketeer and a Deer

You probably clicked on this post to see what on earth is on this post about a marketer, musketeer and a deer. Hence, read below.

A marketeer, such as myself have the power to do anything. Think about it, Just a couple of decades ago, people survived college without a laptop, scientific calculator, tab, iPod, Facebook and a credit card. Can you do it now? At all????

Sure, It’s the innovators who built the equipment, but it was the marketeers who got them into the people. The most genius marketeer of all, Steve Jobs. I was wondering the other day.. HTC is highest selling smartphone in the world, but how many news channels cover it?? The same for Sony, Samsung, Nokia. But, in order to cover the launch of the new iPhone or any Apple Product, CNN, BBC and other new channels would cue up. That’s the powerful presence that Steve Jobs has build to last another several lifetimes. If you did a system upgrade in your new HTC would you put a facebook post?, Would you tell the whole world that you took the Xperia Z3? But, when it comes to apple, doesn’t matter If it’s the 6S plus or the 1st gen, you would still tell the whole world about it, and everyone would be in awe.

That’s the power of a great marketeer.

Credit Cards- Another idea of a genius. Do you really need it?? I’ve seen people buy things, that are not necessary at all, just because they have a credit card, and they can buy stuff. Weirdest part, they’re quite happy to pay another overpriced bill for that super luxury, over priced wallet / hair accessory that they would’t have bought If that was from cash. I admit, there’re advantages, such as paying hospital bills, getting gas. But, we did all that just a could of decades ago without a credit card, didn’t we.

So why is it impossible for us now?????

By now, you’re wondering the relationship with the musketeer and the deer,

The Answer: NOTHING, It was just a ruse to get more views… In case you’re wondering though,

A Musketeer was a soldier (Similar to a Navy Seal) who’s been in armies since 14th Century.

A deer is a ” uminant mammal forming the family Cervidae” (Wikipedia). In my words, a really cute white dotted animal.


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