The first salary!!! What happened to it????


Doing a degree, and being able to have the following conversation for 4 years is AWESOME!! 😀

“Question (Family friend / long disappeared kindergarten friend): Hey! What’re you doing these days?

Answer (Me): Oh, just nothing. I’m an undergraduate. Doing my Bachelor’s degree and whatnot.”

I mean you don’t have to tell them how many timers you’ve failed or any of the embarrassing details of college life. Just having to say that you’re not at home learning to cook; which in the modern days is considered a huge disgrace btw. I mean the popular opinion is, do a degree first, and then you can get takeout or pre-cooked food for the rest of your life from the grocery store. The worst possible things that can happen are cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc etc etc etc. Nothing biggy!!

And then the college life is over!! At this point, you have molded yourself to be one of the following people.

  1. A successful and a top class graduate with a promising future.
  2. A successful and a top class graduate with a struggling future.
  3. A medium level graduate who got a better future than anyone in college.
  4. A medium level graduate who’s doing everything to get more qualifications.
  5. A medium level graduate who has a satisfactory job.
  6. The 99% of the graduates who work in the fast food chain restaurants despite their college qualification.

I belong to the 5th category. I planned to save quite a bit from the first salary. Instead, I found myself asking money from my dad for this and that, after about a week or so!!. I realized the following things.

  1. The beauty parlor visits will have to be once in a blue moon.
  2. I can only have one expensive restaurant in the monthly bucket list.
  3. The nice tops, pants and dresses!! Not all of them are meant to be in my closet (cupboard)

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