Most of the College Graduates

Metro State graduation ceremony in Denver, Colo., on SUNday, May 16, 2010. (Chris Schneider/Chris Schneider Photography)

I am a College Graduate, and I’m happy and proud about it. So are my parents, especially my mom who drags it into each and every conversation (e.g: “Hey, I found a new recipe for pancakes, oh and by the way my daughter is a college graduate”). I mean I’m happy to make my parents proud, but she really should put on a lid on it.

Oh, and there’s another reason why she shouldn’t talk about it THAT much. One year after, I’m still unemployed. I mean whenever that oh-wow-she’s-a-graduate conversation happens, everyone thinks that I’m a graduate from Harvard Business School or Wharton, I was the valedictorian, I graduated with half a dozen medals. None of which are true!! There’s one reason why I haven’t gone for a job, It’s always the under-under qualified jobs I get dragged into. I mean when you get selected to the same position that a middle school or high school graduate can get into, you just don’t want to do it.

It’s not pride, It’s sanity. There’s a difference. Pride is not going for a job after the college degree, because you didn’t get the position of a department head, manager, or vice president. Sanity is not going for a job after the College degree, because you’re going to waste hours of hard work, and money; when you would’ve earned it if you did a job for 4-5 years without bothering about a degree.

But I never give up, 6 months of job hunting, and still going strong!!


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