The first salary!!! What happened to it????

Doing a degree, and being able to have the following conversation for 4 years is AWESOME!! šŸ˜€ “Question (Family friend / long disappeared kindergarten friend): Hey! What’re you doing these days? Answer (Me): Oh, just nothing. I’m an undergraduate. Doing my Bachelor’s degree and whatnot.” I mean you don’t have to tell them how many … More The first salary!!! What happened to it????

You AreĀ Enough

What if the next time we sat down to write, we didnā€™t worry about being interesting, we didnā€™t worry about being liked, and we didnā€™t worry about being reblogged? Source: You AreĀ Enough

I am Titanium

Breakups are hard. But here’s the good thing about it. You learn something about it. It fell apart because there wasn’t something right. Maybe his friends, the way he eats, the way he behaves with you, his attitude, it can be something. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Somethings I learned after my breakup; I’m … More I am Titanium

Some Good Reads

So, this post is going to be completely different. I read A LOT, and decided that I’m going give some suggestions for excellent novels to read during your spare time. If you’re a fan of reading biographies get the ones by Walter Isaacson. They’re simple, interesting, and you can find a lot of references, an … More Some Good Reads

Switch on the light

This is literally what I did right now. I couldn’t think of any other heading, and this seemed to be a suitable one. I’ve thought about the idea of writing a blog for a long time, but didn’t really get into it. Part of me was really scared to share everything with the outside world, … More Switch on the light